Accounting for every variable

Putting a foot wrong in the Land & New Homes marketplace can often be costly and the profitability of a site can be compromised by a number of variables.

Cairds will seek to eliminate those variables through a sure-footed approach to research and by implementing effective marketing strategies with our unrivalled experience and expertise.

We will assess every possible risk factor, from local demand and market trends in relation to size, specification and facilities… We’ll appraise pricing on a plot-by-plot or house-type basis, offer house-type optimisation observations, a full SWOT analysis, and identify further opportunities to maximise values.

Cairds’ sales and marketing strategies are similarly comprehensive and include all of the above analyses in addition to co-ordinating a tailor-made advertising and event programme. This often includes press, Direct Mail, PR, digital marketing, sales rates and phased releases.

Our advice and insight is driven by an appreciation of the importance of your bottom line and continued success.