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Ewell is a large suburban area in Surrey. The location is split into neighbourhoods and the quaintest is Ewell Village. Bourne Hall is a striking 1970s building situated in the heart of the historic village. It boasts a pretty lake, complete with fountain, and this draws in families and grandparents of baby-sitting duties! Feeding the variety of ducks is a wonderful pastime, with ducklings bobbing across the surface of the water in the spring. Twitchers also frequent the lake, intrigued by moorhens, swans and herons that call the area home.

The hall itself holds a cornucopia of different residential services, from a gym, museum and library, as well as a café and theatre. It is also a hub for activities such as yoga, karate and dance lessons.

History of Ewell Village

The museum in Bourne Hall is home to a variety of ancient relics. Ewell Village has history spanning the Saxon, Bronze and Roman ages, with historical artefacts regularly retrieved from the earth in the area. Staneway, the old roman road, passes through the village. Despite being inaccessible to the public, it is rumoured that tunnels dating from the English Civil War maze their way under Ewell Village.

One of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, John Everett Millais, began painting the background to his most famous work, Ophelia, in Ewell in 1851.

Similarly, Pre-Raphaelite artist William Holman Hunt married in Ewell and produced some of his most artistically profound and conceptually astute works in the village. The Light of the World is arguably his most famous allegorical work, and depicts Jesus preparing to knock on an overgrown and long-unopened door that has no handle.

Transport Links in Ewell Village

Although Ewell Village does not have its own railway station, Ewell West and Ewell East stations are within easy distance for the majority of residents, usually by foot. If not, the area benefits from an extensive network of local bus services. Both stations are in Zone 6, meaning travellers can benefit from reduced fares due to being a link on the London rail network.

South West Trains run 3 trains per hour from Ewell West to London Waterloo, with a journey time of 33 minutes. Trains from Ewell East arrive at London Victoria and journey times vary depending on service.

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