The True Costs of Moving To A New House

How much does it cost to move to a new house?

The costs of acquiring a new home can be quite surprising. Buying a new house and moving into the home can accumulate costs that you have not forecasted for. The Cairds Estate Agents is the top estate agent in the London, Epsom, and Ashtead area, we want you to be fully informed on all aspects of buying and moving into a new house. Research is incredibly important when it comes to the housing market, so being completely aware of the potential hidden costs along with the common costs is essential.

In this guide, The Cairds Estate Agent’s outline all the hidden costs that you could run into, the best tips to save as much money as possible when in the process of a move, and how local estate agents can help you.

The Hidden Costs Of Moving To A New House

Hidden costs of any transaction are not ideal, however, when buying and moving into a new house, there is no small print to tell you exactly what you might have to shell out. We have compiled the following list of hidden costs that you can potentially encounter when moving into your new home, and how best to deal with these costs.

Legal Costs

When buying a new house there are several legal things that you must take into consideration. A solicitor or conveyancer can help you with all of your legal fees for around £850 – £1500 including VAT. This will guarantee that everything is complete and keep any unexpected legal costs down.


Another element of costs that you will acquire when moving to a new home are a variety of insurances. Building and contents insurance are among the insurances you will need when moving to a new house. Being protected from the likes of theft, building structure damages, and floods is important; although insurance may be seen as a hidden cost, it is much more cost-effective to be protected rather than have to pay out thousands if your home is under any kind of strain in the future.

House Removals

A cost that you may not have considered is the price of house removals from your existing residence to your new home. The Cairds Estate Agent’s recommends looking around the local area of London, Epsom, or Ashtead, to understand the rates of house removals. Moving home can be stressful, and having a helping hand sometimes outweighs the cost of moving everything yourself.

Broadband and Phone Lines

It is imperative to compare the market for broadband and phone line suppliers when moving to a new home. Check out reviews around the area on what your neighbours use and how they find the service. This is not exactly a hidden cost; however, some suppliers have better reputations than others. Make sure you are getting the most for your money.

The Cairds Estate Agent’s is a knowledgeable firm of expert people who know the London, Epsom, and Ashtead area well. We can help with all your questions in regard to moving, selling, letting, or buying a new property within these areas.