Top 4 Mistakes When Selling Your Home

mistakes when selling your home

Selling A Property

It is easy to make mistakes when selling your home as selling your home can be a stressful and time-consuming process. There are a lot of success stories within selling properties, however, the painful failures are not for the faint-hearted. Whether you are selling your home for your forever home or you are a property developer, it is wise to be fully informed on everything before making any decisions.

Cairds Estate Agents have over 25 years’ experience within the property sector and have a vast amount of expertise in all things property sales. We know everything there is to know on what to do, and what not to do when selling your home. In this article, we identify the top 4 mistakes that sellers make when selling property.

Mistake 1: Aiming for the highest offer

Whilst the highest offer is what you would want to accept for your property, it is sometimes not the best offer. Evaluating the offers that have been put forward for your property is essential as you must consider your needs. In traditional sales, there are conditions for the sale to close. These contingencies are to protect the buyers’ interests and they can include a financing contingency or an inspection contingency.

Being conscious of these contingencies are paramount to the sale of your property. They can impact the timescales of the sale, the confidence of the sale, and the difficulty of the sale. An example of this would be that the highest offer has a contingency in place that the sale will close so long as they are able to sell their property.

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Mistake 2: Putting your home on the market before you are ready to sell

It is vital to be ready for the means of selling your home, as the process can be a very demanding experience, both mentally and physically. Before starting the procedure, make sure you have thoroughly thought through your reasons for selling your home. For example, you may want to downsize, consider what this could mean for you and where you would want to move to. Although an attractive move, you and your family may not be ready to move to a smaller property.

Talk the sales process over with family and friends, make sure you are fully informed about the process and what to expect, and get advice from a local estate agent to avoid making mistakes when selling your home. Cairds Estate Agents specialise in properties in London, properties in Epsom, and properties in Ashtead. We know all there is to know about the local areas and can help you every step of the way to sell your home.

Mistake 3: Undertaking overdevelopment

A common mistake made before selling a property is conducting development to the property that does not have any real benefit to the sale process, as you could ultimately lose money. Overspending on renovations could not be a smart investment, due to the many different factors. Before taking on any renovation work prior to selling do some research of other property sales within the area, and local factors that may implicate the price of your property.

Consult a local estate agent when you are thinking about selling to talk about any renovation work you may be thinking of undertaking prior to sale. If homes around the area have not opted for such renovations this could hinder the sale of your home, as buyers may go for the more affordable property.

Mistake 4: Asking price too high

We all have our expectations on sale price when we are selling a property, however, this can make it difficult to sell your home. Getting your home evaluated by an estate agent for a guided market price is the best practice and taking all considerations on board before fixating on an asking price. If your property is marked too high this can have an adverse effect and put potential buyers off of buying your property. A property usually gets most of its interest in the first three weeks of putting it on the market, so this can be good guidance as to whether your markup is too high.

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Be sure to be fully ready and informed when looking to sell. The above mistakes when selling your home should be avoided, and careful considerations should be made when preparing to sell.