Is Christmas a Bad Time to Sell Your House?

The property market will typically slow down over the Christmas period, as people focus on the festivities rather than looking for a new place to live. However, depending on your situation, you might need to get your property on the market in December. So, is Christmas a bad time to sell your house? And what should you consider if you sell your house at this time?

When is the Best Time to Sell a House?

There are many arguments for when the best time to sell your house is, with theories that older people looking to downsize will be most active in the summer, and young families will be looking for larger properties in the autumn after the summer holidays.

Really, the best time to sell your house is whenever you need to sell it. If you need to move for a job or relocation, you should put your property on the market at whatever time suits your schedule. However, if you have the luxury of choosing when you sell your property, there are some theories at what time of year is best.

Spring is when the property market is usually most active when the weather gets warmer and days get longer. Whilst Spring might get your property more attention and so more offers, you’ll also find that estate agents and solicitors are busier in this period, so sales could take longer.

During the summer months, the property market quietens, with people going away on holiday or spending time looking after their children. This is especially true during August and the school holidays. However, putting your property on the market in early summer could be beneficial, with slightly less competition than Spring.

Autumn can be a good time to sell, especially before the clocks go back at the end of October and the days get shorter. People will prefer to view properties in daylight, so the shorter days could put people off looking for their new home. Buyers at this time will also be more motivated to move quickly so they can spend Christmas in their new home.

Winter is typically the quietest period for selling property, especially in December as Christmas approaches. However, property trends show that many people start searching for their new home in January, so putting your property on the market in late December could mean more people see it when they start searching in the new year.

Should I Sell My Property at Christmas?

There are undoubtedly other times in the year when the property market will be more active. However, selling your home at Christmas won’t necessarily be a bad thing. Not only will your listing be the first to get views when people search for a new property in January, but you might find that you can even sell before the new year.

Buyers looking during December are usually more motivated and serious about moving, so you might find that the whole process can move quite quickly if you find an interested buyer. There will also be less competition as fewer people will be putting their properties on the market, meaning your property will get more attention and possibly more offers.

However, most solicitors don’t work over Christmas, so if your property sale hasn’t been completed by Christmas Day, you could find it encounters a delay. If you have the choice, it could be better to wait until January to put your house on the market, when buyers are more active and there are no bank holidays that will cause a delay.

What to Consider if You Sell Your House at Christmas

If you’re putting your house on the market over Christmas, below are some things to consider to help your sale.

Don’t Take Marketing Photos with Decorations Up

Your estate agent will likely advise on this, but you should have your photos done for the property listing before you put up your Christmas decorations. This will help if your property is still on the market in January, where the photos would look out of date with decorations up.

Keep Your Decorations Minimal

Once your photos are done, you should add some festive flair to your home with Christmas decorations, as this will make it look appealing to buyers. However, you should keep decorations to a minimum so your property can still shine through.

Be Proactive

With solicitors and other industries taking time off over Christmas, you’ll want to be as proactive as possible to help move the process along before the festive break. You should find a solicitor as soon as your property goes on the market so you’re ready to go when you find a buyer.


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