How to Sell Your House Fast


Top Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Looking to sell your house fast? There are many reasons why you may want to sell fast, such as finding a new job in another city with an upcoming start date; on the other hand, you could be struggling to sell and feed up with the process. It can be stressful when trying to sell your house fast, especially when the market is slow. Cairds Estate Agents have over 25 years experience in the property market and have uncovered the strategies to sell your house fast, along with top tips from our market experts within this article.

Cairds Estate Agents are committed to our customers and strive to meet all of your needs when looking to sell a property, whether they need a fast sale or not.

Be Presentable

Making the home presentable for viewings will give a good first impression to the potential buyer, which in turn will help to make the process of selling your home quicker.

Make sure you undertake a deep clean of your property from top to bottom. A full clean should be completed before accepting viewings for your property. Having a clean and tidy property for potential buyers to view is best practice and will gain more interest than a property that is untidy and dusty!

To sell your house fast, have a complete declutter. This process will make your property more presentable, make rooms look bigger, and present your home as a tidy and well-organised place; perfect for first impressions for a potential buyer.

For the property to be presentable for a potential buyer, depersonalise. Takedown all family photos, holiday souvenirs, collectable items, children’s artwork, and trophies or certifications. This is a powerful selling tip to sell your house fast, as the potential buyer can see the property for what it is, rather than your home.

Lastly, to have a presentable property ready to sell, present a neutral colour scheme in the home. Colour is a personal thing, and again, you want the potential buyer to imagine living in the property, rather than buying someone else’s home. This is another great tip as neutral colour schemes open up rooms and will immediately make the space feel bigger.

Repairs and Maintenance

It is important to make sure your property is up to date with any repairs, DIY projects, and maintenance. A well-maintained property is a desirable attribute for potential buyers, as a well-cared property will make a fantastic home.

If you want to sell your house fast and do not have the time to do any repairs work, be prepared to get offers under the asking price. Potential buyers will look out for elements of the home that need work and reduce their offer if they see any problems that will incur them a cost in the future.

On top of this, any DIY work that has been done in the home that is damaged or unfinished should be completed prior to putting the house on the market.

Cairds Estate Agents have over 25 years of experience in the property industry. Contact us today for expert advice on how to sell your house fast.