How to Prepare Your Property for Sale

If you’re putting your property up for sale, then you’ll want to make it as attractive as possible to buyers. These are the best things you can do to successfully sell your home.

First impressions

Kerb appeal is crucial and by making the front of your house appealing, you can ensure buyers are impressed with your property before they’ve even walked through the door.

Clean your front door and windows and check they’re all in good condition. Your roof should also be in good condition with no missing tiles. Keep your front garden or driveway tidy and consider parking elsewhere when your viewings are taking place, to give the buyers somewhere to park.

Clean and declutter

By making your home is clean and tidy, buyers will be able to see it in the best light. Thoroughly clean your home before visits, including all the hard-to-reach corners to clear the cobwebs. It’s especially important to focus on areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Remove any mould and limescale and make sure rubbish bins have been emptied ahead of the viewing. It’s a good idea to go as far as having your carpet cleaned, as well as your sofa, curtains and other soft furnishings. These can hold onto smells which could put someone off buying your house.

As part of the big clean, declutter your rooms to best showcase the space. Minimalism is key, so store away your day-to-day items like paperwork and toiletries. If you have a lot of things around your house, it might be best to put some of it in storage whilst you sell your home. People viewing your home should be able to move from room to room with no barriers or blockages. Having a clean space will allow buyers to concentrate on the property rather than your items in it. However, you don’t need to remove every single bit of character from the house. Splashes of colour and decorative touches will add some style to the property and make it feel more homey.

Get those little jobs done

Now is the time to fix those small DIY jobs that you might have been leaving for a rainy day. Things like changing a light bulb or fixing a dripping tap should all be simple enough to do but will make a big difference to a potential buyer. You might not need to fully redecorate the house before you sell but check the paintwork for any stains that might put off a buyer. If a stain has been caused by water damage, get the problem fixed and then make sure to repaint the wall. You don’t want a sale to fail because of a problem that’s no longer present.

Make a list of all the little jobs that need doing around the house and then get them sorted before your first viewing. This will help your property look pristine for new buyers.

Improve the lighting

Proper lighting is a simple way to make your house appear more spacious. Open all the curtains and blinds and clean your windows before you start viewings. This will help to let in as much light as possible.

If you’re putting your property up for sale in the winter months, have plenty of lamps throughout your home to improve brightness. Your house should be warm and inviting even in the colder months, so make sure all the radiators as turned on and the temperature is a good level.


Unfortunately, not everyone will love your pets as much as you do. If it’s possible, keep them out of sight when people are viewing your house. Also make sure to tidy away your pet’s toys and other items when you declutter, so no-one is likely to trip up on anything.

If you have a dog, you might want to make sure they’re freshly bathed to minimise any bad smells. If you have cat litter in the house, empty it before your house is viewed. It’s a good idea to also wash any pet’s beds so they’re clean and fresh.

Tidy the garden

Don’t forget to also spruce up your garden when you’re putting your home up for sale. Now, more than ever, outdoor space is a huge pull for buyers looking for a home, so treat it just like another room of the house and make sure it’s immaculate ahead of viewings. Mow the lawn and cut back any vegetation that’s got out of hand. Put away any children’s toys and consider adding some small decorative touches, like flowers and plant pots. Clean any garden furniture, as well as your patio or decking.

Now you know how to prepare your home for viewings, contact Cairds Estate Agents to sell your property in Epsom and Ashtead.