How to Find The Right Estate Agent For You

Thinking About Selling Your Home?

If so, one of the first items to cross off your list is finding the right estate agent to list your property with.

There is no doubt selling your home is a stressful process that we all have to go through at some point during our lives. Ensuring you have the best estate agent to suit you and your property’s needs, is a vital choice we cannot escape from. Simply choosing the wrong estate agent can dramatically affect the success of your sale and more importantly your stress levels.

So, how do you find the right estate agent for you? Well… as everyone is different, there is no golden formula or checklist that you can tick off as you go. However, there are certain factors that you can look at.

This blog is going to going to explore some of our top tips to follow in your quest for finding the right estate agents.

  1. Reviews, Reviews, and More Reviews.

In simple terms, reviews are your best friend.

Reading customer reviews allows you to paint a considerable picture of an estate agent. Reviews allow you to understand the experiences of previous customers, and the level of service you can come to expect. While reviews are a fantastic way of understanding the service and determining whether an estate agent is right for you, it is worth taking them with a pinch of salt. While there will be reviews at each end of the spectrum, they will often be dramatised; look at the reviews in the middle to find median opinion.

If you are unsure after reading reviews, it is always recommended to get a third opinion or listen to recommendations from family and friends.

  1. Take Valuations and Agents with a Pinch of Salt.

A simple and understandable mistake we all make is only look at the financial elements an estate agent can provide or offer in the sale of your property. Pay attention to everyday manners: punctuality, politeness, professionalism, and knowledge.

While the financial elements of a sale are arguably the most important element of a sale, an estate agent shouldn’t be purely chosen on how they value your home for. Estate agents, in short, are trying to win your business over, some will dramatically overvalue your house and promise to return a certain amount from a sale. Get several quotes from a range of estate agents, if the valuations are in a similar field, you can be reasonably sure they are accurate. Make sure the agents justify their reasoning behind their valuation.

  1. Ask questions. It’s your chance to assess the agent.

You. The customer has the leverage to decide which estate agent to choose from. An estate agent is there, as mentioned, to win over your business by offering the best deal possible.

Asking questions is your chance to test the agent; how will they market your property? Do they have a potential buyer lined up? What are they going to do for you individually? How often are they going to keep in contact with you?

Create a list of questions that will allow you to understand the agent and their business processes better. The list should fit your needs and desires.

  1. Help them out

A good agent will want to have an understanding of the circumstances you are in and what you expect from the sale. Everyone has particular requirements and a good agent will tailor their services to deal with your needs. Before you start asking the tough questions, provide them with a chance to develop their services to you.

How can Cairds Help you?

Here at Cairds, we understand choosing an expert estate agent with the best local knowledge around is vital in ensuring the best possible success. With decades of experience selling properties in and around Epsom and Ashstead, we are well set to assure we get the best price for your home.

Being an independent business means our reputation and making clients happy is everything to Cairds. Through becoming the property expert in Epsom and Ashstead, our reputation in the area is fantastic, with every member of our team proactive and forward-thinking in selling your home.

To find out how we can help you can view our selling page here.